Support from Koding Gorska in the Sports Center "Boris Trajkovski"

 The whole world is facing enormous challenges caused by the pandemic. It is especially important to show our solidarity in such times of crisis.

 The company Koding Gorska met the needs of the institutions with support in the efforts to deal with the situation with COVID-19 in the country. It gladly donated 50,000 liters of water from the range of Gorska and Gorska plus in the A1 Arena, the Sports Center "Boris Trajkovski", where the mass vaccination of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia has recently started. Koding Gorska also donated products to the University Clinic for Infectious Diseases, the Institute for Lung Diseases in Children Kozle, the City General Hospital 8-mi Septemvri and the Internal Medicine Clinics in Skopje.

"Everyone's support in such situation of crisis is necessary and welcome," was stated by the company.